Press Release

Reaction minister De Croo to communication bpost

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Digital Agenda, Telecom and Postal Services Alexander De Croo reacts positively to bpost’s offer to join forces with PostNL.
Underlying to bpost’s offer is an industrial logic. By joining forces, bpost and PostNL would constitute the fourth largest European postal operator in a market that is increasingly becoming international and digital.
Belgium’s Federal Government supports the active growth strategy of bpost. Last year, we changed the Law on Public Companies in order to give bpost more autonomy and more capacities to actively shape its future-oriented growth strategy.
In this context, the Federal Government backs the management of bpost to explore options that strengthen bpost. While doing so, all acquired rights of employees have to be safeguarded. Moreover, the company has to be strengthened with a future-oriented business model, open to new markets, innovative products and a potential of new jobs. 
I hope all stakeholders will face this new development with an openness of mind. 
By joining forces, bpost and PostNL hold the potential to become the strongest, most performant and future-oriented postal operator in Europa, with its decision centre in Belgium. This is in the interest of all employees, employment, our economy and all citizens.